About My-Socialspot.com

We are simply just one of many new platforms in the world that was born in the light of Social media Censorship and Dictatorship, we have been open from 2018 so I understood Censorship and major websites being dictators long before TRUMP's ban and prior to COVID.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are all basically the same Serious Censorship, Lack of Freedom of speech and being Dictators, let's take a STAND!

We allow Weed Promotion Profiles as weed is slowly becoming legal in all  States (Be sure of you're State and Federal Law's)

We "ARE" MAGA and we will STAND UP  for America and Defend Against Russia, China, North Korea, We WILL (NOT) Submit to any Government or Mandate (BIDEN) is a PEDOPHILE! 

Important! We support and defend the Constitution of the United States. If that offends you, we will gladly remove your account and forward you to fakebook and Twitter

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